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Business system

  • Collection and transportation of waste

    As a leading comprehensive environmental service provider in China, Deda Resources can provide customers with comprehensive, one-stop waste management and environmental protection.

  • Harmless treatment and disposal of waste

    Deda Resources owns and operates various types of waste treatment bases, which deal with complex and diverse wastes through chemical, physical, biological and other means.

  • Comprehensive resource utilization of waste

    Deda Resources believes that as long as it is economically and technologically feasible, waste can be transformed into valuable resources. Expand the recycling of resources.

  • Design, construction and operation of environmental protection engineering.

    By integrating design, construction, equipment, installation, commissioning, operation and other resources efficiently, Deda Resources provides different types of customers.

  • Product Sales Department:

    Manager Wang: +86-3486344707, +86-18057327268
    Tel: +86-573-84793603
    E-mail: wangyin@dongjiang.com.cn

  • Hazardous Waste Treatment, Collection and Transportation Business Department:

    Tel: +86-573-84584737

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